• Category A fellowships can be awarded to doctoral candidates selected by EMJD consortia, who come from a “Third country” (other than Member States of the European Union, an EEA-EFTA State) and who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in these countries. The only exception to this rule applies to Third-Country doctoral candidates who have previously received an Erasmus Mundus masters scholarship in order to follow an EMMC.
  • Category A fellowships Turkey and Western Balkans can be awarded to doctoral candidates selected by EMJD consortia, who come from a “WB&Turkey country” (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia & Turkey)
  • Category B fellowships can be awarded to any doctoral candidate selected by EMJD consortia and who do not fulfil the Category A criteria defined above.

In 2016, SMDTex Joint Doctorate Program, offers:

  • 6 Category A fellowships
  • 1 Category B fellowship

SMDTex will draft candidates' PhD contracts and allocate the funds as specified in the individual fellowship table set out in the programme guide for Category A and Category B research contracts:

  • Fixed contribution for travel, relocation and any other costs:
    1. Category A fellowship: €7500 for the three years (€2500 per year).
    2. Category B €3000 for the three years (€1000 per year). To be allocated to candidates and paid in equal instalments, depending on the candidate's pathway during the 3 years of the EM doctoral-fellowship.
  • Fixed living allowance: The EM Doctoral fellowship funds the gross enterprise cost (salary + taxes) of the fellowship with: €2 800 per month, during 36 months for 3 years for both Categories, corresponding to a net salary after taxes of about €1500 / €1600 per month. Doctoral candidates of SMDTex will be parties to an employment contract, which according to the labour law of each involved country, includes social security, health care insurance, tax and the candidate's net monthly allowance; candidate insurance will also be deducted from this amount.
  • Chinese scholarship: the mobility period in China (one year) will be funded by the scholarships of the concerned Chinese university.

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